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Definition of Virus, Spyware and Adware

What is a computer virus?

A virus is a self-replicating program enters and infects a computer usually without the operators knowledge. Computer viruses attempt to replicate themselves to other devices and can carry payloads ranging from mild (display pop-ups or messages) to severe (delete or retrieve data).


What is computer spyware?

Spyware is software that is installed with or without the computer owners knowledge that collects information. It can collect data that is already on the computer saved in memory or it can monitor and track what is happening on and how the computer is being used.  Some types of spyware record the keystrokes typed on a computer including usernames and passwords.  Spyware will wait for a third party to retrieve the data or can attempt to deliver the data over the Internet.


What is computer adware?

Adware is a program that is installed on a computer system that displays advertisements to the computer's users.  These are often unwanted and intrusive ads.  The adware programs themselves often consume resources slowing down your computer and Internet connection.

Computer Networking And Consulting

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