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Our service extends to the area of analysis and IT Project Management. Having said that, Our analysis is quite unique in merit. As a member of the "International Business Analysis Organization, I have the unique experience to come across all kind of information in my business analysis practices. To better understand the unique service I offer, please contact me at the phone number provided or send me an email with your concerns.

Diagnostic of Your PC


Computer Repair

In today's world, the use of a computer system is indispensable. Yet many people find their repair cost to be a limiting experience. This is especially true in the area of business or a given profession.  Today I bring light to these matters by offering technical support and repair service. You will find that the service is rather inexpensive and quite affordable. For additional information about the subject call or email us.




The computer industry has yielded a way to fix your computer systems without the need to make a service call. That process is called "Online Support" and it can work for you I guaranty it!  For further information on our Online Support service, please contact us at the phone number above. Another way you can inquire about this service is by email. Simply send your emails questions to,


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