Marketing Mix


·       Understand the importance of marketing channels and supply chain management.

Marketing Channel add value – In simple agricultural economics, the best supply chain likely does follow a direct route from manufacture to the consumer.

Each participant in the channel adds value

Marketing Channel Management Affects Other Aspects of Marketing.

A distribution Center – is a facility for the receipt, storage, and distribution of goods to company stores or customers.


·       Understand the difference between direct and indirect marketing channels.

Direct Marketing Channel – there are no intermediaries between the buyer and the seller.

Direct Channel one intermediary – Retailer

Direct Channel Two intermediary – Retailer & Wholesaler

Indirect Marketing Channel – one or more intermediaries work with the manufacture to provide goods and services.


·       Describe how market channels are managed.

Managing marketing channels and supply chain –


Vertical Channel Conflict.  – When supply chain members buy one another or are not in agreement about their goal and rewards.

Horizontal Channel Conflict – also can occur when there isn't a disagreement