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Analytical Review of CVS Drug Store


            Why Big Business Fails…

--Carlos Villadiego

The article describes a scenario in which two supervisors working at the CVS store located at 19198 South Dixie Highway, Miami, FL 33157 Fail to do the right thing.

As a management analyst, I have come across so ill consider management styles, but these two supervisors were left to their own incompetence. Mauricio the male supervisor had a subordinate to train and never did. As for the Indian female supervisor which never introduce herself to our undercover man, and although our undercover man tried to reach her. All she could give is a cold and unwelcome attitude. To anyone that seems appropriately attire, they were both welcoming. However, anyone else that didn’t fit their biased attitude was shunted.

I have more than twelve years in business management and hold a Bachelor’s in business administration and management, and the first thing that comes to mind is poor management like this. It is really not fair for these types of ventures. I guess the problem is upper-level managers will not be aware of these actions by supervisors.